Projects - Content Strategy/SEO/Analytics

SEO and Analytics

  • Developed and coordinated an SEO strategy for all Graduate Programs
  • Developed a link-based micro-network of peer sites
  • Promoted the presence of the entire micro-network instead of one site
  • Content Strategy
  • Use of analytics to judge success and change strategy

GS WWW Guidelines

The Graduate School Website works according to four Major Operating Principles of good website design (Have you “MOPped” your site?):

  1. People don’t read webpages; they scan them.
  2. People use webpages to accomplish tasks as quickly as possible.
  3. Websites should be structured according to user needs, not those of the site creators.
  4. The site must be optimized for search engines.

Information Architecture

The Information Architecture defines the content heirarchy of the website. It does not define the look and feel and/or design of the site. The IA should be a living document that is updated frequently and is consulted whenever new content is being published.

Example Web Project Proposal

This is an excerpt presentation from an example proposal that some of my colleagues and I put together for a potential client.