2011 Graduate School Web Design

  • CSS3 - Rounded Corners, Transitions, Transparency
  • Grid-based layout
  • Content Strategy
  • AI Interests Tracking
  • Information Architecture
  • User/focus group testing
  • SEO/Analytics
  • MySQL Database Back-end
CU Dashboard
  • Data driven, dynamic charts and graphs
  • Simple user interface
  • "At-a-glance" resource for key decisions
  • Combination server-side and client-side scripting
  • Live Data from Data Warehouse
  • MySQL and Oracle back-end
CU Creative Inquiry
  • No page/form reloads with course selection or budget account entry
  • Instant data validation reduces entry errors
  • Combination server-side and client-side scripting
  • Enrollment and course listing from Data Warehouse
  • MySQL and Oracle back-end
Assistantship Management System
  • User/focus group testing
  • User Training and Documentation
  • Replaced Paper Process
  • Cut man hours by more than half
  • MySQL and Oracle database integration
  • Add/Edit/Delete assistantships
  • Sync Data Warehouse, Mainframe, and PeopleSoft data
Second Life
  • Server Administration
  • Development
  • User management and Support
  • Graduate Program Support
  • 3D Modeling and Textures
  • Particle effects
Graduate Admissions
  • Online Application
  • Document Imaging (OnBase)
  • Interface with Student Information System
  • Online Applicant Report
  • Online decision process (Accept, Reject, Cancel)
  • Graduate Program Support